Hi there, I’m Katie. I am an experienced Wellbeing Coach and workshop facilitator, a keen cold water swimmer and carefree dancer. I offer effective Wellbeing Coaching and wellbeing workshops for individuals, groups and workplaces. I create free resources to support your wellbeing journey too.

My practice is informed by strengths-based coaching, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, the recovery movement and Intentional Peer Support. I love supporting people to uncover their strengths and values to make sustainable change.

Over the years, Creating Wellbeing has taken many forms. Put simply, Creating Wellbeing is me and I am Creating Wellbeing.


Please get in touch for more information on Wellbeing Coaching and workshops.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Kate, So glad we met today! Have just read your 1 minute summary of CWB! How exciting! I know several people who would really benefit from your site including me, would love to stay in touch. Your suggestion to focus on the benefits and list them is a very good one for me to do. Looking forward to things getting easier and not harder with your web site as my personal coach! Best wishes and safe journey home, from Liz xx (Ocean View Drive)

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