Previous CWB sessions

Creating Wellbeing sessions have been running since August 2012. Here’s a snap shot of what’s been happening:

August 2012: The first CWB at The Create Place. We did tin-can candle-holder making, sock-monkey sewing, Zen brushwork, 3-minute breathing space meditation and massage.
Zen brushwork

September 2012: We planted the seeds of love, and let it Bloom in the natural way…
“I would describe today as calming and colourful. I really enjoyed the creative focus and meeting lots of different people”

We were joined by Sophie, from France, her husband Jude, from India and their son Surya. Creating Wellbeing’s Katie invited them to the session after a friendship had formed 2 years ago in their shop in Kerala, India. Sophie shared with the group how their unique charitable project started. The gist: “With love, and from the heart”. There were gasps, tears, questions and silence while they spoke. If you want to categorise it, their approach to life could be seen as similar to Mindfulness; the principle is living in the present moment. Whether you are experiencing pain or sadness, pleasure or glee; wellbeing comes from living each experience fully in that moment, with no worries about the next or reflection on the last.

Everyone at the session listened to Jude and Sophie with intent and were touched by what they heard. Sophie guided us to make a flower broach and Jude led a meditation. People shared and listened whilst crafting, drinking tea and eating banana bread (a wonderful creation made by one of the group). Discussions about our wellbeing came as naturally as moments of silence.


October 2012: Helping me, helping you
Normally we are joined by a facilitator who guides discussions as they arise naturally. This week we guided each other; using tools we’ve picked up through our own experiences.

We made letters to spell ‘Creating wellbeing’, we talked about why we had come, we shared experiences and books we find useful, some people tried out massage and reiki, we spent some time being mindful and ate beautifully created blueberry muffins.

cwb 3

November 2012: “Oh, how we laughed…”
This week we kicked off by making a group agreement. Among other things we felt were important to keeping Creating Wellbeing a safe space, we agreed to listen openly to each other without judgement.

We learnt to make textile coasters under the expert guidance of Jeanie B. While we were crafting we played at being celebrities and asked each other questions from The Guardian Q&A. People shared what their super-power would be, who they would invite to a dream dinner party and what their happiest moments were.

After testing our coasters our with Hot Chocolates, tea and cakes we participated in a laughter yoga workshop. From mixing laughter milkshakes to giving directions in jibberish, Sarah-Jane of In Yoga Light had us ‘Ha ha ha’ing and ‘he he he’ing all over The Create Place. We learnt the science behind laughter and how it can be good for the body, mind and soul.

laughter yoga

December 2012: Creating Wellbeing Birmingham style
A crisp, bright December day and the first Creating Well-being in the beautiful setting of Little Heath Barn.
I have wanted to put a CWB session on in my home-town since the idea was born. I was joined by family and friends helping out in all aspects. My mom doing massage, dad doing mindfulness, sister’s partner leading some sketching, friends leading yoga, screen printing and guided psychological discussions.

screen print

January 2013: Create 2013 the way you want with Zeenat
January’s special workshop was led by Zeenat of Embrace coaching.
We kicked off with a relaxing meditation; blowing our thoughts into balloons and leaving our troubles at the door.
Everyone listened and encouraged each other as Zeenat helped us articulate our true desires.


February 2013: Catching dreams with Waterline Workshops
In essence this was a fantastic ‘two-for one’ afternoon. The Workshop explored what wishes and dreams we had for ourselves by incorporating a writing exercise done in the first half of the session into a crafted dream catcher created in the latter half of the session.

dream catcher

March 2013: Colourful creations with Mimi
Mimi explained that each chakra (energy point) has a colour. There were swirls of paint relating to each chakra colour along the roll of paper.
Then got our hands, sponges, brushes, pens and moved the colours around the paper to our hearts content. Mimi answered questions about colours and chakras throughout the session and before we knew it the whole table was covered in colour.


colour roll

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