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Creating Wellbeing is not just about sessions. This site is a place for people to share what they do to promote well-being. Here’s a snapshot of shares from the previous website:

Anonymous and Miscellaneous
“Today I walked into a lunchtime organ recital at a church in Bristol. The sound was so incredible it put my thoughts to shame and they shut up for 10 whole minutes. Bliss.”

“Yesterday I put my bicycle saddle at a slightly different height to usual. I saw the world from a whole new perspective. And I could still touch the pedals!”

Christmas Curry Challenge (Anon)

I could have spent the weekend crafting. I could have spent the weekend meditating. I could have spent the weekend deciding… It turns out I was to spend it facing up to the biggest bee in my wellbeing bonnet, when on Friday night I received an SMS from Red Letter Days :

‘Enjoy your Indian Cookery Course tomorrow!’

A Christmas present from my Dad which I had forgotten was booked. Thanks Dad! Thank you for many reasons.


What’s your food heaven and food hell? Simply cooking anything is my kitchen nightmare. Why? Because I am in recovery from an eating disorder; which makes cooking and public eating somewhat of a challenge.

How and when this illness developed is subject of expensive and potentially unhelpful therapy sessions. All you need to know here is that it is still hanging around. A bit like an annoying fly in your room on a hot summer’s night. You try to sleep ignoring it. You can’t. You get up to swot it. A sweaty fight later you think it’s gone. You settle back down to sleep. Peace at last. Until you hear the faint buzzing again. Ignore it, fight it, short-lived peace and then acceptance (hopefully).

I was in an ‘ignore it’ phase until I got that message. It was time to fight it.

And do you know what? It wasn’t so bad after all! The world didn’t end when I sautéed some onions and I learnt to make a pretty good curry. I even held (and enjoyed) a good conversation over dinner with strangers. Whilst meditating and crafting could have nourished my mind and soul; before all that, what I actually needed was to nourish my body.

“A little goes a long way,” Asta shares…
I have been making these owl cushions as presents. Sewing makes me relaxed and I love giving hand made presents; a little goes a long way. People appreciate hand made gifts and I feel proud when I give the finished product 🙂


Out of my head (Jeanie B)

have a vast array of projects going on – small DIY jobs, larger escapades that will bring in buckets of cash, beautiful sewing and embroidery one offs that people will swoon over, oh and a pile of Xmas stock to sell at up coming fairs – all in my head.

My head is so stuffed full of projects yet I find it hard to engage with other people’s crafting ideas without uploading them to my mental‘to do list’ adding to the crush. And the guilt – I’ve bought all the materials, why don’t I get going?

What might it be like to download these creative ventures into existence? It might ease the (very real) tension I get in my head, tension that can lead to duvet days and the sense of being overwhelmed. It takes just in one action to begin the momentum …

So step one – I emptied the Lloyd Loom chest I bought at a vintage fair months ago and took it into the garden, it’s a sunny day, birds are tweeting I’m feeling good.

I opened the tin of pink paint I borrowed from a friend weeks ago for this very project and began the transformation of the decidedly shitty brown bathroom chest into the flaming pink flamingo object it has always been in my head.

The chest is in the garden, first coat drying as I write this post which is the domino consequence of emptying and painting the trunk –because writing this post is another thing that’s been rattling around my head since I met Katie for coffee a couple of weeks ago.

Moving into action often results in more action and as a consequence creates good feelings. So as an introduction to my connecting with Creating Wellbeing, I’ve explored this idea on my blog Make It Up

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