Today, I joined people across the globe to mark International Day of Happiness, by taking to the streets of Sydney to ask ‘What makes you happy?’ and sharing the responses worldwide, with a hashtag.

Happy Signs

Happy, homemade signs

Why was I so happy to walk around with a homemade sandwich board, pipe-cleaners and crayons with a fellow Happy Hubber? Because this is exactly what Creating Wellbeing is about! Acknowledging and sharing what makes us feel Well. Calm. Balanced. Happy.


Such a simple activity; yet Happiness can feel like a complex and unattainable concept.

So let’s reframe the question by asking ourselves and others: What makes your busy mind calm? What helps your shoulders relax? What makes you smile? What is Happiness for you?

In Sydney people stopped us and we stopped them to reflect on Happiness in this way:

Happy people

Happy sharers on Sydney streets

Unbeknownst to our participants, the UN’s theme for today was Reclaiming Happiness. Finding Happiness in the simple, everyday things. It’s not in those new shoes, faster car or fad diet, it’s in us and in the now. But even without knowing this, everyone’s response to our question were the simple things in life:

Love. Swimming in the ocean. Friends. Ice cream. Sunshine.

Hub Happy tree

Hub’s Happy Tree


Sharing is so important, and a crucial part of Creating Wellbeing. First asking yourself what makes you happy then asking and sharing with others. Share within and outside your comfort zone. Ask your partner, parents, colleagues and even Donny at the deli (below). Because it’s in sharing that we connect, inspire and realise we’re not alone. 

Deli Donny

Deli Donny was happy about everything

Being a slave to social media doesn’t always make me happy, as I feel it takes me away from being present. But today I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the twittersphere, hoping to capture Happiness in it’s simplest form. Surprisingly, it actually made me more present and aware of the passing moments of Happiness. Knowing I was to be sharing them with the world, made me recognise these things for myself and articulate them.

Creating Wellbeing 

With these simple and complex conversations about happiness and unhappiness, we help ourselves and each other create our individual ways to wellness.

What today showed, is that Happiness is here. Not just today but to stay. We just have to think and talk about it.

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