An adventure in self-compassion

With mindfulness, I have become aware of my default position of self-criticism in the face of adversity. Mindful In May’s week on loving kindness opened my eyes to another option and the interview with Dr Kristen Neff had a significant impact. Being human, I have had many opportunities to put this into practice since. I was inspired to write and illustrate the following:

An Adventure in Self-Compassion

An Adventure in Self-Compassion

When you miss the train, or get the wrong one

Lose your key, and can’t get in

Forget to send that email, or don’t do that all important thing


Simply see these, as beautiful opportunities

To reassure yourself, that you are, like so many

Experiencing a moment of suffering


And warp your arms around yourself

Put your hand on your heart

Like  a mother would a child

And bring as much awareness to your toes

As you would your woes


Lean into the discomfort,

The fire, the spikes

The fear, the dislikes


And have the courage to admit

When your dialogue and actions

Are no longer of benefit


Then feel your body relax

And get back on track.

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