Our Village People

In June last year, I was anxiously anticipating 8 weeks without any family support with our 3 month old twins. I didn’t know how I was going to cope without their hands on help. So I reached out. And made a Google doc



Now out of the haze of sleep deprivation, we reflect on how grateful we are to all our village people who have contributed to keeping us all well-fed and rested, clean and burped. Not one day has gone by when we have felt alone, hungry or unsupported.

We survived those first few months purely on the goodwill of others. It’s a period of all our lives we’ll never forget for we’ve felt showered in love and generosity. Being held by so many loving arms and smiled at by so many happy faces has also been deeply enriching for our boys.

The experience has taught us how important it is to reach out for help , and that people seem to love giving time and energy to their village; It becomes a process of reciprocal benefit.

Whether you’re new parents, expecting your 5th or going through something where you could use the support of your village; don’t be ashamed to call on them. If you don’t feel you have a village; make one. I took everyone and anyone up on their offers of help. Fleeting or insistent, from friends, colleagues, people in the street or supermarket. A passing ‘Let me know if there’s anything I can do’ was always met with ‘Well, actually there is….’

If you’re honest with what help you need, hopefully your Village will be honest with what they can give.

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