Doing something today for tomorrow

If ever you need convincing to do something today which might change the world tomorrow, watch this and be inspired by what Billie Jean King did – not only for tennis, women’s sports but all equal rights:

Inspirational Billie Jean King

Inspirational Billie Jean King (Image

It may go against the (current) grain,
you may be the only one (today),
it may feel uncomfortable (now)
and it may result in more immediate losses than gains
but if are victim or witness of even the slightest inequality –
stand up and do something about it.
For yourself, for now; for the next generation and for the future.

Mother India

Thank you, Mother India, for not only keeping me safe always but for providing me with the most helpful strangers, hosts with the warmest hearts and nourishing food for thought and fuel… Thank you for teaching me more about myself, yourselves, humankind, spirituality, song and silence…I now know wherever I go, however long for, you’ll love, respect, teach and protect me.

In my last blog I had decided to move to Melbourne for reasons of Love and Wellness. But not without paying a visit to my spiritual homeland on the way.

(It’s unfortunate that Eat, pray, love is taken, as it is would be an accurate title for this trip).

“Same same, but different”

Volunteering for 5 months in India 3 years ago was a significant turning point in my journey to wellbeing. I have been back each year since to be with the powerful people, enriching environment and exciting experiences this fascinating country provides.

I expected no less from my pre-migration month there, yet I was more nervous than ever. Whilst I was visiting many of the same people and places, one thing was different. India wasn’t my final destination this time (Australia was) and an imminent return was not possible. I’d made my decision to move to Melbourne, not Mumbai. Previous trips had been full of promises to ‘come back soon’ or find a way to ‘stay longer’. The only thing I was promising this time was friendship. Would my connection with the people and places remain even without anything ‘to offer’?

With the help of silence, singing, meditation and spiritual guidance provided by my good friends in my first destination of Kerala I soon realised I was in the best country and company to sit openly and honestly with these unfamiliar feelings and questions. I embraced the trip as a new and unique experience but was met with the same overwhelming warmth and kindness as I always have been, and learnt even more about generosity, kindness, love and faith.

Silence, singing and sunsets

Silence, singing and sunsets

“Get ready! Mother Mary is coming!”

No matter how much they had, everyone I came into contact with (which is always going to be a lot in India!) was generous with their time, spirit and possessions. I was never short of a host or guide, even in places I’d never visited.

I was lucky enough to end my trip in Delhi during Diwali where I was welcomed into the home and celebrations of a delightful family, none of whom I’d ever met, and was unexpectedly showered with love, money and sweets. In contrast, I had landed in Kerala during a Catholic festival. During which, a statue of Mother Mary from the local church is taken to each catholic house in the village for prayer and food.  I was invited to spend two days of the festival in a village just seven short hours away by train. (A whole book could be written about that journey, but suffice to say when I am next on a busy train I will endeavour to share my seat, sandwiches and tea with all those around me.) During the compulsory post-lunch nap I heard the phone ring. I was surprised to find I wasn’t dreaming when I heard the family shout up to me “Get ready! Mother Mary is coming!”

Sure enough she was there within minutes, carried and followed by the rest of the village for a few hours of prayers said out loud in very fast Malayalam.  Purely because I was “Ek foreigner, hein” I was given pride of place next to the village Father and two Sisters for the evening meal. Having observed quite a solemn session of prayer and devotion in front of Mother Mary’s statues, I welcomed the light-hearted nature of conversation provided by my trinity of holy company. They were intrigued by where I was from and what each member of my family were called. I couldn’t help but smile when one Sister asked lightly in this context, “Do you know Jesus Christ?” as if He happened to reside in my hometown or be a fifth cousin twice removed.

A visit from Mother Mary

A visit from Mother Mary

Food is love: “Eat. Take Rest” 

Food is love

Food is love

I am proud to say I am probably the only tourist to put on weight in India. I am always grateful to leave feeling stronger, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Everyone I met simply wanted me to “Eat” their food and “Take rest” in their beds. Although this combination made me anxious for historical mental health reasons, I soon learnt that this was another manifestation of their generosity, kindness and, at base, love.

India’s attitude towards food and weight is one of the many things Westerners can learn from to create an equally happy and healthy culture. There, being slim is seen as a weakness. I saw it as a compliment when a friend remarked at the end of my trip, “You’re very not weak now.” The Western translation of “You’ve put on weight” doesn’t lend itself to be met with such delight.

I feel we also underestimate the power of rest in the West. We have a lot of downtime, fun and relaxation but is it true rest? Next time you’re ‘relaxing’ have a look at how much sensory input you have around you. Are you listening to music? Is the TV on in the back ground? Are you surfing the web from your mobile device? Why not try simply lying in a cool room in silence, without your phone or iPad. All my hosts would do this at some point in the day and I certainly felt a lot better for following suit.


At the end of my trip I was not only full of food, rest and love, I was brimming with gratitude.

Thank you, Mother India, for not only keeping me safe but for providing me with the most helpful strangers, hosts with the warmest hearts and nourishing food for thought and fuel.

Thank you for teaching me more about myself, yourselves, humankind, spirituality, song and silence. Thank you for your challenges and acceptance and of course the soulful sunsets.

This child is now ready to fly the nest, more than Melbourne-ready, with peace, joy and love in my heart as well as even more tools for creating wellbeing in my backpack.

I now know wherever I go, however long for, you’ll love, respect, teach and protect me. And I will endeavour to do the same with any Ek Foreigners I meet along the way.

Worldwide Wellbeing : Moving to Melbourne

I’ve always struggled with decisions, but recently, my indecisiveness took on a new challenge when I had to decide between the two loves of my life: my partner and my project.

My partner, Dan, was recently relocated to Melbourne on a 2-year contract and I couldn’t decide whether to join him or stay in the UK to pursue Creating Wellbeing. I was also worried that either decision would take me away from my connection with India.

I sought advice from friends, family, CWB colleagues and even a life coach; all listened openly. Most reassured me that I would know what to do as soon as I went on my planned two-week holiday to visit Dan in-situ. Arriving in the sunny, cosmopolitan city in winter, greeted by the love of my life, I was still crippled by indecision. I spent a lot of the time thinking and talking The Decision to death.

It wasn’t until the last day when I went to a mediation class that I stopped thinking and started feeling. At the end of this meditation we all picked a card from a pack of words and mine, phenomenally, was ‘Wellness (or for me, Wellbeing) : a feeling or state of mind which emanates outwards like love. In fact, Wellness is love.’


I realised I wasn’t actually faced with a dichotomous decision at all. My partner and my project are not mutually exclusive; Dan is Love and Love is (creating) Wellbeing.  Personal relationships and wellbeing are pivotal to the success of any project.  I have been so driven by my belief that CWB is what the UK needs to respond to the mental health of the nation that I have been ignoring my own heart, often to the detriment of my own wellbeing. If it is a dichotomous decision – then I can have both my relationship and my project!

As soon as I realised this, I acknowledged some incredible leads that had been emerging in Melbourne.  From all the thinking and talking about The Decision I’d been blind to the potential venues I’d been visiting, the similar projects I’d come across, all the people offering to help set CWB up if I do decide to go there.


Photos: A meditation room off the busiest street in Melbourne and a craft class I stumbled across.

And as for the irresistible India – I hope to visit before I leave for Aus’ and maintain my relationship at distance, with my heart (and the internet).

Through this experience, I’ve discovered that any decision made with love can only be met with love.  Quite phenomenally, a Creating Wellbeing UK committee has naturally formed with people committed to continuing the project while I’m in Australia for a few years. I look forward to seeing how it evolves with the hearts and minds of these creative, intelligent and loving people.

I’ve also coincidentally met someone working for a large happiness organisation in the UK who is also moving to Melbourne to be with their partner who wants to set up something similar over there.

The world of wellbeing is a small place full of love, if you stop and allow yourself to feel it.

image_8   image_6

Photos: More wellbeing ‘signs’ chalked up around Melbs; my creation at the craft class.

You got the love

My friend B is getting married this year.

Knowing how committed she and her fiancé already were to each other, I asked her why they felt the need to celebrate it in this traditional way. ‘Because I love Love,’ She said.


Over the years, I’ve become more bemused by the celebrations of marriage. I’ve observed it to be a lot of work and money for a very short-lived experience. Sometimes not even  creating any form of wellbeing for the loving couple involved. I’d heard of post-wedding breakdowns when the bride feels bereft of organising the big day.

However, B’s hen-party certainly challenged these stereotypes. Something happened in that cottage in Kent when 40 women got together to celebrate B’s Love. I learnt how strong and powerful this Love thing is, and why you’d want to celebrate it with all your friends and family.

B’s bridesmaid Mimi is a creative and holistic practitioner, running meditation and visualisation workshops for cage fighters, rugby teams and Creating Wellbeing.

Amongst the usual hen-do activities, these 40 women branching three generations sat for two hours painting hearts.


There was a noticeably calm and positive energy in the house at this time. People were sharing how they hadn’t painted for years; how much they enjoyed the feel of the brush against the paper; how they were feeling so relaxed…


The process was fantastic, and you could see each heart was made with Love. Love for B, for her relationship, for ourselves and each other.


But when Mimi showed us what our work was going towards making a bigger heart on a large canvas, there was so much love in the room!


Basking in the positivity, happiness and wellbeing that was created by this activity and whole weekend I found myself agreeing with B; Why not, love Love?

CWB in 1 minute

Recently, I was asked to present what Creating Wellbeing is, why it was born and what it can become. Easy! But I only had 1 minute.

When you have a minute, have a read of this to find out more:

I dreamt of Creating Wellbeing 2 years ago.

Apparently, 1 in 4 will experience a mental health problem over the course of a year. It’s a hot topic with many services catering for the increasing need. That is, if your need meets a certain criteria.

But if you have a bit of a problem, there isn’t a lot for you.

You might know someone with a bit of OCD or a bit of anxiety ? Holding down a job, running a household. Brave enough to go their GP only to be told ‘You’re not that bad; come back if it gets worse’.

I’ve met lots ofpeople with a bit of a problem: At my meditation, sewing group, Reiki course. All there for the same reasons: Using crafts and holistic therapies to stop the ‘bit of a …’ from becoming ‘a lot of a …’.

I started Creating Wellbeing to provide a space for people to explore these tools with others, and a psychologist (when appropriate).

So you can tell your sister who’s stressed, partner who’s panicky or dad who’s down ‘don’t wait until it gets worse’. Go to or local CWB group to start your own path to well-being.

Corsages and confidence

At last Saturday’s session, Creating Wellbeing, Mind and TimeBank volunteers came together to lead craft and confidence workshops and give massage to those attending.

3 pics sat 11th

We started as usual with a cup of tea and informal chat about what Creating Wellbeing is and how we can support each other to get the most out of the session.

We then admired Abi’s corsages and got cracking on choosing material to make our own.

bunting admire

Sarah then led short name-game and mime activities – Even ‘Massaging Maxine’ joined in! Sarah told us how each activity helps with confidence and acceptance of oneself and others, so that we could all get to know each other much better.


drama treasure act

We got back to our crafts and Maxine managed to give everyone a relaxing 15 -minute treatment.

coursage learn

Everyone said they enjoyed the mixture of activities, holistic therapy and discussions.

This week we’ve got poetry with Mady, crafts with Katie and meditation with Harnaik. Everyone is welcome, so please sign up if you’d like to come and start your weekend with wellbeing!

Call: 0208 340 2474

Or email:

to book your place!

Singing and sewing

The second Creating Wellbeing session at Mind in Haringey was full of sun, song and sewing.

Today was an unexpected treat, I would definitely visit again.

 26 20_427 20_4

What a lovely session! I really enjoyed sewing for the first time since I was a child, and the singing and reiki were wonderful.

13 20_429 20_4

People came to share their creative hobby; sing and sew; have a massage; try out reiki and relaxation; as well as meet new people and share a safe space together.

Really had a brilliant day, so friendly and relaxing. I loved making the purse, will definitely come again.

9 20_415 20_4

If you’d like to come to the next one, email or call 02083402474 – we’d love to have you along!

She did it!

A huge THANK YOU to Bridget ‘The Brave’ Morkane who ran the London Marathon for Creating Wellbeing yesterday. It was an incredible feat and she finished with a smile in under 4 hours!

marathon 15image

The Creating Wellbeing troups were there to support her at mile 19, 25 and of course the finish line.

marathon 12image

Thank you to everyone who sponsored her; she has raised a welcome £85 so far for future sessions at The Create Place in Bethnal Green, London. With your support we can pay for the venue and materials for one session in July.

marathon 1

Since these sessions started in August last year they have been incredibly popular, proving there is a great need for this holistic approach to mental health. Sessions bring people together from all over London to find creative ways of improving their well-being. Participants find them enjoyable, creative, inspiring and a ‘respite from life’. Participants have said there’s “Nothing like this in London” and that they can “relax and address issues.”

If you’d like to sponsor her and help these sessions to continue then email : for details.

A heartfelt thanks for Bridget for helping Creating Wellbeing to continue.

Your space

Creating Wellbeing is not just about sessions. This site is a place for people to share what they do to promote well-being. Here’s a snapshot of shares from the previous website:

Anonymous and Miscellaneous
“Today I walked into a lunchtime organ recital at a church in Bristol. The sound was so incredible it put my thoughts to shame and they shut up for 10 whole minutes. Bliss.”

“Yesterday I put my bicycle saddle at a slightly different height to usual. I saw the world from a whole new perspective. And I could still touch the pedals!”

Christmas Curry Challenge (Anon)

I could have spent the weekend crafting. I could have spent the weekend meditating. I could have spent the weekend deciding… It turns out I was to spend it facing up to the biggest bee in my wellbeing bonnet, when on Friday night I received an SMS from Red Letter Days :

‘Enjoy your Indian Cookery Course tomorrow!’

A Christmas present from my Dad which I had forgotten was booked. Thanks Dad! Thank you for many reasons.


What’s your food heaven and food hell? Simply cooking anything is my kitchen nightmare. Why? Because I am in recovery from an eating disorder; which makes cooking and public eating somewhat of a challenge.

How and when this illness developed is subject of expensive and potentially unhelpful therapy sessions. All you need to know here is that it is still hanging around. A bit like an annoying fly in your room on a hot summer’s night. You try to sleep ignoring it. You can’t. You get up to swot it. A sweaty fight later you think it’s gone. You settle back down to sleep. Peace at last. Until you hear the faint buzzing again. Ignore it, fight it, short-lived peace and then acceptance (hopefully).

I was in an ‘ignore it’ phase until I got that message. It was time to fight it.

And do you know what? It wasn’t so bad after all! The world didn’t end when I sautéed some onions and I learnt to make a pretty good curry. I even held (and enjoyed) a good conversation over dinner with strangers. Whilst meditating and crafting could have nourished my mind and soul; before all that, what I actually needed was to nourish my body.

“A little goes a long way,” Asta shares…
I have been making these owl cushions as presents. Sewing makes me relaxed and I love giving hand made presents; a little goes a long way. People appreciate hand made gifts and I feel proud when I give the finished product 🙂


Out of my head (Jeanie B)

have a vast array of projects going on – small DIY jobs, larger escapades that will bring in buckets of cash, beautiful sewing and embroidery one offs that people will swoon over, oh and a pile of Xmas stock to sell at up coming fairs – all in my head.

My head is so stuffed full of projects yet I find it hard to engage with other people’s crafting ideas without uploading them to my mental‘to do list’ adding to the crush. And the guilt – I’ve bought all the materials, why don’t I get going?

What might it be like to download these creative ventures into existence? It might ease the (very real) tension I get in my head, tension that can lead to duvet days and the sense of being overwhelmed. It takes just in one action to begin the momentum …

So step one – I emptied the Lloyd Loom chest I bought at a vintage fair months ago and took it into the garden, it’s a sunny day, birds are tweeting I’m feeling good.

I opened the tin of pink paint I borrowed from a friend weeks ago for this very project and began the transformation of the decidedly shitty brown bathroom chest into the flaming pink flamingo object it has always been in my head.

The chest is in the garden, first coat drying as I write this post which is the domino consequence of emptying and painting the trunk –because writing this post is another thing that’s been rattling around my head since I met Katie for coffee a couple of weeks ago.

Moving into action often results in more action and as a consequence creates good feelings. So as an introduction to my connecting with Creating Wellbeing, I’ve explored this idea on my blog Make It Up

Previous CWB sessions

Creating Wellbeing sessions have been running since August 2012. Here’s a snap shot of what’s been happening:

August 2012: The first CWB at The Create Place. We did tin-can candle-holder making, sock-monkey sewing, Zen brushwork, 3-minute breathing space meditation and massage.
Zen brushwork

September 2012: We planted the seeds of love, and let it Bloom in the natural way…
“I would describe today as calming and colourful. I really enjoyed the creative focus and meeting lots of different people”

We were joined by Sophie, from France, her husband Jude, from India and their son Surya. Creating Wellbeing’s Katie invited them to the session after a friendship had formed 2 years ago in their shop in Kerala, India. Sophie shared with the group how their unique charitable project started. The gist: “With love, and from the heart”. There were gasps, tears, questions and silence while they spoke. If you want to categorise it, their approach to life could be seen as similar to Mindfulness; the principle is living in the present moment. Whether you are experiencing pain or sadness, pleasure or glee; wellbeing comes from living each experience fully in that moment, with no worries about the next or reflection on the last.

Everyone at the session listened to Jude and Sophie with intent and were touched by what they heard. Sophie guided us to make a flower broach and Jude led a meditation. People shared and listened whilst crafting, drinking tea and eating banana bread (a wonderful creation made by one of the group). Discussions about our wellbeing came as naturally as moments of silence.


October 2012: Helping me, helping you
Normally we are joined by a facilitator who guides discussions as they arise naturally. This week we guided each other; using tools we’ve picked up through our own experiences.

We made letters to spell ‘Creating wellbeing’, we talked about why we had come, we shared experiences and books we find useful, some people tried out massage and reiki, we spent some time being mindful and ate beautifully created blueberry muffins.

cwb 3

November 2012: “Oh, how we laughed…”
This week we kicked off by making a group agreement. Among other things we felt were important to keeping Creating Wellbeing a safe space, we agreed to listen openly to each other without judgement.

We learnt to make textile coasters under the expert guidance of Jeanie B. While we were crafting we played at being celebrities and asked each other questions from The Guardian Q&A. People shared what their super-power would be, who they would invite to a dream dinner party and what their happiest moments were.

After testing our coasters our with Hot Chocolates, tea and cakes we participated in a laughter yoga workshop. From mixing laughter milkshakes to giving directions in jibberish, Sarah-Jane of In Yoga Light had us ‘Ha ha ha’ing and ‘he he he’ing all over The Create Place. We learnt the science behind laughter and how it can be good for the body, mind and soul.

laughter yoga

December 2012: Creating Wellbeing Birmingham style
A crisp, bright December day and the first Creating Well-being in the beautiful setting of Little Heath Barn.
I have wanted to put a CWB session on in my home-town since the idea was born. I was joined by family and friends helping out in all aspects. My mom doing massage, dad doing mindfulness, sister’s partner leading some sketching, friends leading yoga, screen printing and guided psychological discussions.

screen print

January 2013: Create 2013 the way you want with Zeenat
January’s special workshop was led by Zeenat of Embrace coaching.
We kicked off with a relaxing meditation; blowing our thoughts into balloons and leaving our troubles at the door.
Everyone listened and encouraged each other as Zeenat helped us articulate our true desires.


February 2013: Catching dreams with Waterline Workshops
In essence this was a fantastic ‘two-for one’ afternoon. The Workshop explored what wishes and dreams we had for ourselves by incorporating a writing exercise done in the first half of the session into a crafted dream catcher created in the latter half of the session.

dream catcher

March 2013: Colourful creations with Mimi
Mimi explained that each chakra (energy point) has a colour. There were swirls of paint relating to each chakra colour along the roll of paper.
Then got our hands, sponges, brushes, pens and moved the colours around the paper to our hearts content. Mimi answered questions about colours and chakras throughout the session and before we knew it the whole table was covered in colour.


colour roll