Regular Creating Wellbeing sessions ran in the UK for over a year before I relocated to Melbourne. There is still a strong committee of creative well-beings based in London who continue to embody the principles of Creating Wellbeing whilst sessions have ceased.

Following the success of the first Creating Wellbeing talk at NAB Village in Melbourne, there may be scope for Australia sessions too.  Get in touch if you’d be interested in contributing to CWB sessions in London or Melbourne.

Creating Wellbeing sessions were full of arts, crafts, holistic therapies, peer support, meditation. As well as chatter, quiet, calm and laughter. See some photos on the CWB Facebook pageAlthough formal sessions have ceased, they continue to embody the principles of Creating Wellbeing, by participating in activities with make them happy and sharing their experiences with those around them. If formal group sessions recommence in London, you’ll be first to find out here.

On behalf of myself, the CWB committee and all CWB participants, I’d like to thank everyone who made CWB sessions possible, especially The Create Place, Action for Happiness , Groundwork and Mind in Haringey. Here’s what Creating Wellbeing participants said about sessions in the UK :

“I first went to Creating Wellbeing as an artist looking to find out about and take part in creative workshops. I was becoming interested in the way the creative process could help people, and I’d recently starting working as an art teacher at a charity for young people who had been excluded from school so I went along thinking that it would have an educational value for me. However, as time passed I became aware of the fact that Creating Wellbeing could offer so much more, and that the problems I was facing in life, which until then I’d thought of in very separate terms, could be addressed with the holistic approach that Creating Wellbeing was promoting. I realised that I too was one of the people who Creating Wellbeing was reaching out to, and that was therapeutic in itself. At the sessions I was able to reconnect with art in an accepting and non-judgmental environment, and focus on the way art used to make me feel when I did it for pleasure and before it became wrapped up in anxiety and lack of self-confidence. I was also able to learn new things and it gave me a view into the world of meditation, something I’d heard so much about but never tried. I’m very grateful for the fresh perspective that Creating Wellbeing brought me.”

“There has bean a great vibe … Creating Wellbeing sessions have been somewhere my daughter and myself have been able to come and enjoy a great time together. It’s so good that carers can come and be a part of it all, it can be very lonely being a carer.”

Creating wellbeing for me has been a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people who believe wholeheartedly in the power of creativity, mindfulness and friendship as a way to promote inner-calm, peace and happiness. I have often felt alone with my thoughts and feelings over the last couple of years, and coming together with people at creating wellbeing has helped me to realise that I am not alone. I never talked explicitly with anyone at the sessions about what was going on inside me or them, but it was like there was an unspoken understanding and compassion that flowed freely around the room. This positive energy helped me to feel accepted, appreciated and loved, and gave me the strength to believe in and share my creative skills and abilities, which so often I doubt. Long may that continue.”

The greatness of CWB:

For the days when I have felt I have absolutely nothing to contribute to the world, I have dug down deep and created an activity that other people are wiling to do and enjoyed.

For the days I’ve felt shitty and wanted to isolate, I’ve had the pleasure of being brought back to the here and now by someone giving a massage or encouraging me to sing.

For the days when I think I’m the only crazy lady, I’ve been with other crazy ladies (and gents) and arrived home feeling a little more sane.

For the skills I’ve picked up, the friends I’ve made, the tea I’ve drunk and the biscuits I’ve chomped – I am super grateful.


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