Wellbeing Workshops

I offer tailored and bespoke wellbeing workshops in person and video starting from £60 an hour. Examples include: 

  • Resilience: Using evidence-based strategies to overcome everyday hurdles. 
  • Self-care: Create your ‘recipe for wellbeing’ with the ingredients you need to stay well. 
  • What is wellbeing?: Exploring established wellbeing theories and models, applying them to your daily life. 
  • Mindfulness: Introducing simple strategies to use in your daily life to reduce stress and bring about calm.

I have run large-scale online workshops for school teachers and Mental Health Swims; more intimate sessions for New Baby Network and Acacia Family Support focusing on parental mental health, and; accessible community events for Spring to Life and Living Well Consortium. Check out my videos on the Living Well Consortium and Acacia’s self-help pages to get a feel for what I do.

Please get in touch to talk about what I can offer your group or workplace.

Sharing Lived Experience

For a long time I wasn’t comfortable sharing the personal reasons why I started Creating Wellbeing. Time, training and acceptance means I now am. Through conversations, this blog and workshops, I hope to raise awareness of mental health and healing whilst hearing how others create their own path to wellness.

I enjoyed my first ever public talk about my path to wellness at the National Australia Bank co-working space in Melbourne in 2013. It was a nerve-wracking but necessary milestone in the Creating Wellbeing journey, resulting in continued conversations and an ongoing group in the local community there.

I now know how powerful sharing is, and would love to facilitate more conversations with community groups and corporates, so please get in touch if this is something you’re interested in.